Whether you graduated Five Towns College with a degree in Business (B.P.S. or B.B.A.), Music (Mus.B.) or Mass Communication (B.S.) with a concentration in Audio Recording Technology or any other comparable undergraduate degree . . . now, you have the opportunity to pursue a graduate level program to earn a Master of Professional Studies (M.P.S.) in Sound Recording Technology. This degree is offered through The Institute of Audio Research (IAR) @ Five Towns College. Request information below!

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Graduate Program

Five Towns College The Institute of Audio Research

If you are considering graduate school, please consider this exciting Five Towns College initiative!  Learn more about this program in Sound Recording Technology leading to the M.P.S. degree, by completing the form on this page.  You can also contact [email protected] or Chair of Audio Department Prof. John Machado at [email protected] with any specific questions.

This is an incredible option at the Master’s level that will enable students passionate about audio recording to delve in deeper and to continue to expand their knowledge in the world of sound technology. A degree in Sound Recording Technology is unique to Five Towns College and offers a continued path towards excellence for all those who endeavor to broaden their technological skills. For those interested in learning more about the history of The Institute of Audio Research, read below.

Institute of Audio Research

After leaving NYC a few years ago, The Institute of Audio Research (IAR) has found a new home at Five Towns College!  Known as the first-ever educational institution for the training of audio engineers, The Institute of Audio Research has reemerged after decades of educating sound recording experts in and around NYC to its new home in Long Island.  After celebrating 50 years in higher education, Five Towns College is pleased to officially launch a graduate level degree program focused on Sound Recording Technology.

The Institute of Audio Research is the oldest independent school dedicated to the recording arts and sciences in the world. Founded in 1969, literally thousands of students found a path to the audio industry through its New York City campus before it suspended operations.  In 2018 the physical campus was closed, and several IAR faculty and staff members moved to Five Towns College with the goal of merging the two institutions based on their common commitment to outstanding audio recording technology education.

The Institute was founded on June 2, 1969 by Albert B. Grundy, a Columbia University educated electrical engineer and vinyl record mastering expert. Grundy’s sole objective was to properly train recording industry professionals who were already working in the recording industry on how to better utilize technology – a major learning goal of the Institute’s educational program to this day. As the Institute grew, so did its reputation. Soon the original learning goal was expanded to include introductory courses for a new generation of students raised on Album Oriented Rock (AOR), who were seeking a path into the recording industry immediately following high school.

The very first IAR classes were held in the fall of 1969 at the Barbizon Plaza Hotel, the home of Audio Engineering Society (AES) Conventions, where space was rented by the Institute on a room-by-room basis.  Lectures were held at the hotel during the week, and on weekends students would travel to professional recording studios for demonstrations by faculty members.  Thus, the enduring educational approach of mixing academic lectures with hands-on labs was born, and still defines the curriculum to this day.

The late 1960’s through 1970’s was one of the most amazing and creative periods in America: a time of social upheaval and cultural renaissance.  The Civil Rights Movement, Vietnam War, Woodstock Music Festival, and Apollo space mission defined the national agenda, while the “Amazing” Mets Word Series championship set the tone in the New York City/Long Island Metropolitan Region.  In time, the hippie culture which characterized IAR students from that era, proved to be an awkward mix with the Barbizon Plaza’s regular guests, and soon the school packed up and moved to the Wellington Hotel while a search for a more permanent campus ensued.

The eclectic mix of music, educational institutions, and bohemian culture of Greenwich Village was more suited to IAR and its students.  In 1970, the school found a new home at 64 University Place, bidding farewell to the Wellington.  It remained in that location until 2017, when the gentrification of “The Village” and skyrocketing New York City real estate costs resulted in the redevelopment of the campus for luxury condominiums.  In 2017, IAR suspended operations while talks began to bring the Institute to Five Towns College.

With the collaboration of a variety of IAR and Five Towns College instructors and administrators, the faculty reached a decision was reached to elevate the study of audio recording technology to graduate level learning, in order to provide a capstone to the existing audio recording technology coursework already offered by Five Towns. A graduate level program that builds on the undergraduate curriculum, focuses on the advanced audio concepts and techniques utilized in industry today, and leads to eligibility to sit for advanced level Pro-Tools/Avid certifications was the goal.

Working together, the newly combined faculty developed a new graduate level program in Sound Recording Technology leading to the Master of Professional Studies (M.P.S.) degree.

After a years-long effort, the proposed program was submitted for review by the New York State Education Department. After NYSED concluded that the new curriculum met the standards established by the Commissioner of Education, on December 14, 2021 the New York State Board of Regents acted to authorize Five Towns College to award the M.P.S. degree and the new program was approved.

Members of the current FTC faculty and staff with roots at IAR include Five Towns President Dr. David M.  Cohen, Vice President Hubert Stachura, Prof. Daoning Dai, Prof. Philippe Painson, Prof. Nino Cacavale, Prof. Jeffry Sultanof, Prof. Barry Heyman, and College Registrar Eric Farahani. Other IAR alumni who contributed to the wider effort to reestablish the Institute include Prof. Zack Goldberg, Ryan Schimmenti, Mylen Munoz, and Jody Dobson. Former IAR faculty alumni anticipated to join the College’s adjunct faculty include Profs. F. Daniel Grigsby and Ian Frazier.

The legacy that IAR combines with Five Towns College is substantial. Indeed, many IAR graduates have gone onto achieve critical acclaim, shaping the audio Industry and popular culture along the way.  Notable IAR alumni include Oz Fritz (Bob Marley, Ramones, Iggy Pop), Robert L. Smith (Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, David Bowie), Roger Moutenot (Run DMC), Beastie Boys, Lou Reed), Glen Marchese (Maxwell), Benny Blanco (Kate Perry, Britany Spears), and Jack Douglas (Aerosmith, John Lennon, Cheap Trick).  For woman in audio, IAR graduate Judy Elliot-Brown is considered to be one of the pioneering women in audio design, having contributed to the design and specification of some of the most legendary and iconic recording studios in the world, including the John Lennon Center for Music and Technology at Five Towns College.  Indeed, the IAR alumni base adds substantially to the Five Towns College alumni base, creating expanded professional networking opportunities for alumni of both institutions.

In January 2022, Five Towns College President, Dr. David Cohen, announced the new program and the resumption of the Institute of Audio Research. At that time President Cohen also announced that Five Towns College Audio Department Chair, Prof. John Machado would serve as the 6th Director of the Institute of Audio Research, with direct lineage to its Founder and first President Albert B. Grundy.

As you review this website, imagine your future as a member of the IAR and FTC Alumni Association. If you share our passion for sound, we invite you to apply and to join our creative community of artists and scholars.

Programs of Study

Graduate Level

The Institute of Audio Research at Five Towns College offers a program in

  • Sound Recording Technology leading to the Master of Professional Studies (M.P.S.) Degree

In conjunction with the Five Towns College Music Division, the Institute offers a program in

  • Music Technology leading to the Master of Music (M.M.) Degree.

Undergraduate Level

The Institute of Audio Research offers the coursework which constitutes the Major Area of Concentration in Audio Recording Technology for the following degree programs cross-listed with other academic divisions of the College. These include programs of study in:

  • Performance with a Major in Audio Recording Technology leading to the Bachelor of Music (Mus.B.) Degree.
  • Business Management with a Major in Audio Recording Technology leading to the Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) Degree.
  • Business Management with a Major in Audio Recording Technology leading to the Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) Degree.
  • Mass Communication with a Major in Audio Recording Technology leading to the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Degree.
  • Liberal Arts with a Major in Audio RT leading to the Associate in Arts (A.A.) Degree.

The Institute of Audio Research will be the academic unit overseeing the following:

  • The graduate program in Sound Recording Technology leading to the Master’s in Professional Studies (M.P.S.) degree.
  • In coordination with the Music Division, a program in Music Technology leading to the M.M. degree. (Revised Program)
  • In coordination with the Music and Business Divisions, a Major Area of Concentration in Audio Recording Technology that leads to the Mus.B. or the B.B.A. degrees respectively. (Existing Program)
  • In coordination with the Music and Business Divisions, a Major Area of Concentration in Audio Recording Technology that leads to the A.A.S. degree, respectively. (Existing Program)
  • A post-baccalaureate program in Audio Recording Technology consisting of 24 credits that leads to a Certificate and eligibility to sit for the Pro Tools I examination, and which is designed for those who have earned a bachelor’s degree, but who do not have the prerequisite knowledge necessary for admission into the M.P.S. program at Five Towns College. Completion of the Certificate also leads to acceptance into the M.P.S. degree program.  (From existing coursework).

Pursue your love of sound recording technology at Five Towns College!