No One Can Stop You if You’re on the WayUp

REVIEW: Internship and job hunting can seem like finding a needle in a haystack- WayUp can give you a step above the rest.





By Emily Angelastro


It’s not always easy searching for a job after graduating college. Not all of us land an internship during the academic year, and finding our perfect careers afterward can be a challenge. This uncertainty is where platforms like WayUp come in handy.

WayUp is an online job site that helps current college students or recent graduates search for internships and job opportunities while also being discovered by employers. The website aims to transform the process and get back to what matters most in an employee. As said by the founders, “It shouldn’t be about gender, race, who you know, or where you’re from — it should be about your skills, your drive, and your passion.”

When you first sign up for WayUp, it takes five minutes to fill out your basic information about yourself, indicate your experience, and upload your resume. Once your profile is finished, you can select the jobs and industries you’re interested in, ranging from barista to law and journalism. The job opportunities on your dashboard are then perfectly curated to you and all right at your fingertips. Here, you can further specify what job you’re seeking- whether it’s part-time, full-time, or an internship- and explore industries based on your experience. These listings can range from entry-level jobs to Fortune 500 companies, and there’s no shortage of postings.

This site’s cool feature is creating “Search Alerts,” where WayUp sends you daily or weekly email reminders with jobs related to anything you search, so you never miss out on an opportunity. Another key feature of WayUp is the “One-Click Apply,” meaning you can apply for jobs with the information provided in your profile with just one click. This site makes it easy for you to apply to several positions in just a few minutes.

WayUp also provides career advice, where you can get tips on resumes and cover letters, job interviews, and even how to land an entry-level job with no experience. There are plenty of articles filled with expert guidance and recommendations, so there’s no need for you to feel overwhelmed as you search for employment.

And it’s not just you searching for jobs- employers search for you, too. Employers can reach out to applicants they think would be perfect for the job they’re hiring for, and WayUp connects each party to find the ideal match.

Landing an internship or job can be daunting, but WayUp streamlines the experience. I’d give this platform five out of five stars. WayUp is an excellent resource for every college student just starting their career or anyone who needs a bit more help paving the way.