Performance (Mus. B.) Instrumentalist Audition Requirements

Undergraduate Audition Requirements

Performance (Mus. B.): Instrumentalists

The College is accepting pre-recorded auditions from applicants to ease the application process. Please use the form at the bottom of this page to submit your materials as per the guidelines below.
  1. Two (2) prepared contrasting pieces from the standard classical or jazz literature that show your technical ability, tone quality, musicality, sense of style, and potential for study and advancement. The applicant must provide and bring sheet music to the audition. The applicant may also wish to bring an accompaniment CD or karaoke track (See selections below).
  2. Techniques of music assessment, including:

a. Scales – Major, minor, (natural, harmonic, melodic) and chromatic, two octaves, with various articulations
b. Chords – Major and minor triads, dominant sevenths, and major minor seventh chords
c. Rhythmical examples d. Sight-reading

Suggested material

  1. Any classical selection from the standard literature such as a concerto, etude, sonata or study from a standard method book.
  2. Any standard song from any printed source such as from the Real Book (6th Edition).
  3. A significant popular tune that shows the technical skill of the applicant in a positive light.

Please note
Percussion applicants will be expected to play and take solo choruses on two selections in contrasting styles. Snare drum rudiments and various drum set rhythms using brushes as well as sticks should be demonstrated. Drummers should bring their own cymbals and foot pedals.

Guitar and bass applicants may audition on electric, acoustic or classical guitar/bass. Bassists should be prepared to play a bass line to a blues, standard or contemporary selection. The College will provide guitar and bass amps, drum set and hardware and vibraphone.

  • Prepare and record two videos of two (2) prepared contrasting pieces as per the guidelines above. Then, upload the videos to Vimeo or YouTube and submit the URL's below.