By Sage Albanese

Spider-Man: No Way Home officially hit theatres on Thursday, December 16th, but fans were fighting for a ticket to see the new film to the series weeks beforehand. With the prequel, Far From Home being so highly rated, fans anticipated the same drama and action for No Way Home. Although this review will contain no spoilers, it’s no secret to lifelong Marvel and Spider-Man fans that they’ll be seeing some familiar faces return to the big screen in this film. While the death of Tony Stark in Avengers: Endgame was a hard hit to the Avengers and Marvel fans, it seemed to hit Peter Parker even more. We see Peter’s battle with living in a world without Stark and how he gets through it to continue his duties as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man in Far From Home. At the end of that film, Parker’s identity is revealed to the world as Spider-Man after being framed by Mysterio.

In No Way Home, Parker now struggles to live in a world that knows he is Spider-Man and seeks out help from fellow Avenger, Dr. Stephen Strange, the first time Marvel fans truly get to see an in-depth interaction between the two. And then everything goes wrong.

Everything you think is going to happen in this movie likely isn’t, or there’s going to be a curveball that you did not expect. This film still contains the typical funny interactions between all the characters and definitely pulls on the heartstrings, but it’s a seemingly new twist to the Spider-Man that we all know and love.

IGN said, “The early live-action era of superhero fare was much more focused on thwip, thwip, bang, bang than the complex emotional impact of it all. Spider-Man: No Way Home‘s empathy finds itself woven into the storyline in a way that doesn’t feel overly didactic or pandering, but instead truly drives home the ethos of Spider-Man: with great power comes great responsibility.”

Even though Sony now owns Spider-Man, this is still technically considered a Marvel film, and with Marvel films comes end credit scenes. The last end credit scene, which again is no spoiler to anyone who follows Marvel, is basically just a trailer for the new Dr. Strange movie coming out. Spider-Man is not seen in this, but it does seem to follow the same storyline as Dr. Strange is seen talking to a familiar face about the events that unfolded in No Way Home. The first credit scene, however, left some fans wondering what is going to happen next, as we see a familiar “villain” (although I don’t personally consider them to be one) get sucked into the storyline ending of No Way Home, leaving us to wonder, “where will they go from here?”

IGN also said, “Spider-Man: No Way Home hits all the right notes as the MCU’s latest entry. Its impact on the universe as a whole, as well as the overall emotional beats, all feel earned.”

While they could’ve cooled it down a bit with the CGI, and some of the dialogue could seem a bit off to lifelong Spider-Man fans, the film is still a home run.