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Academic Support Services

Student Success Center

The Academic Support Services Staff at Five Towns College is dedicated to promoting a fulfilling and successful academic experience for all students. Specialized programs are designed specifically for students who meet requirements respective to each program. Faculty and peer tutoring services are provided for all Five Towns College students.

Tutoring Services

The Student Success Center is located in Rooms 104 and 106. This is where the Academic Advisement Office is and students can get the support they need to be successful in their courses. The Academic Advisement Office is open to all Five Towns College students on a drop-in and appointment basis. Tutoring, academic counseling, learning strategy seminars, and a variety of other services designed to help each student reach his or her academic potential is provided. The Center also administers the College’s HEOP and Student Access Office.


Monday–Friday, 8:00am–4:30pm


The Student Success Center is located in Rooms 104 & 106 .

Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program a/k/a HEOP

Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program a/k/a HEOP is designed for academically and economically disadvantaged students. If selected for the program, HEOP participants are required to attend a pre-freshman program during the summer preceding fall entry. Advising, counseling, tutoring and financial assistance are provided for these students for the duration of their degree programs if eligibility requirements are continuously met.


Student Access Office

Student Access Office is designed to provide support services and reasonable learning accommodations to students with disabilities. Click here for the Student Access Office Registration Form and email the completed form to

Tutorial Services

One of the forms of academic assistance given to students who require help in their courses is the tutoring service provided by faculty members and peer tutors. A student can see his/her instructors during office hours. A student can also receive assistance in the Academic Support Center. Students who have specific questions or need extra attention in order to master course material in Keyboard, Harmony, Sight Singing or Ear Training classes may obtain assistance from a member of the music faculty in the Music Division Office, the Keyboard Lab, or the Student Success Center.


Academic Advisement

Academic planning and advisement are an integral part of the ongoing educational process at the College and begin as soon as a student is accepted. Each student is assigned to a faculty member who serves as his/her academic advisor. Conferences with academic advisors provide opportunities for students to plan their programs and review their academic progress. Prior to each registration period academic advisors help students to prepare their programs for the following semester. Academic advisors may be consulted for individual needs at any time throughout the academic year during a regular schedule of office hours. Although academic advisement is provided, students are solely responsible for their course selections and for meeting degree requirements.

Personal Counseling & Wellness Services

Personal Counseling

The individuality of each student is a basic concern of the College. Every effort is made to provide an environment in which each student can develop his or her particular capabilities and interests to the fullest. The College Counseling Office provides personal counseling in a confidential setting to assist students in making decisions related to personal and academic situations. Referrals to outside professional agencies may be made in situations requiring more specialized counseling.

Wellness Services

The College Counseling Office provides support and referrals for professional psychological services. The College Counselors meet individual students to discuss a broad scope of concerns related to academic, emotional, social, mental and overall well-being. Services provided are strictly confidential. Students are encouraged to either schedule appointments or come in as needed.
The College does not provide on-campus medical services, but maintains relationships with area health providers. These providers are included in the Student and Residence Life Handbooks. In addition, the College does not require that students purchase mandatory health insurance through the College, but they should present proof of health insurance through their own provider at the time of registration or re-registration.
Further, the College entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Family Violence and Rape Crisis Center/Victims Information Bureau of Suffolk (VIBS) and provides cost-free counseling, advocacy and physical and emotional support and medical care for sexual assault victims in compliance with NYS Education law, Article 129-B.


Students and the FTC community should refer to the Five Towns College Student Handbook for 24/7 Resources: Where To Get Help for related concerns.