The 2020 Luminaries:

10th Anniversary Film Festival & Awards Ceremony

The Luminaries Film Festival celebrates the culmination of the Film/Video Division’s academic year. This year, Five Towns College celebrated the 10th Anniversary of the festival. Faculty and students host this event annually, in conjunction with the Mass Communication, Theatre Arts and the Audio Recording Technology Divisions to showcase, celebrate and honor the hard work and accomplishments of Film/Video students. For 2020, the event was done virtually in November and December with entertaining and engaging hosts, FTC students-Jonathan Arevalo and Joe Maddalone. Together, the F/V Division launched a spectacular event!

The Luminaries was named to memorialize one of the F/V Division’s founding members, Professor Sol Negrin, ASC. This highly accomplished and regarded educator and Cinematographer helped many students climb the ladder to success in the film and television industry. His legacy is remembered each year by those he mentored and by an institution that will always be grateful for his contributions. The Luminaries has remained through various iterations of the Film/Video program and continues to be a defining staple of the college to this day.

Led by F/V Division Chair Erika Houle, The Luminaries Committee has expressed special thanks to the participants, presenters, Equipment Room Manager Steve Cruz, Special Guest and Alumni Tommy Nickel, Chair of Audio Recording Technology John Machado, Professor Justin Andrews, Professor Robert Digiacomo, Professor Daniel Galiardi, Professor Nikki Chawla, Professor Ron Land, Professor David Grotell and Professor Michael Prywes and others, too.

Here are some of the awards and the recipients:

Audience Choice
Group A: The Clown Statue – Joe Maddalone
Group B: I’m Done
Group C: Empty Bottles – Greg Costa
Group D: Six Feet Above – Giancarlo Estrada

Best Sound Design
Danny Ayala and Anthony Perry | The Clown Statue

Best Editing
Chris Tucci | Six Feet Above

Best Cinematography
Anthony Sabino | The Complicated Life Pilot

Best Alternative
Tokage Mame

Best Supporting Actor
CJ Costa | Empty Bottles

Best Actor
Alcides Costa | That Night

Best Actress
Jade Nash | The Clown Statue

Distinguished Service
Jonathan Arevalo

Best Unproduced Short Screenplay
Joseph Gutierrez | Violets in Bloom

Best Screenplay
Dawson Harlow | John Meyer

Best Director
Casey Sparacio | That Night

Best Overall
Six Feet Above

To view these films and learn more about The 2020 Luminaries click here:

Congratulations to all for a job well done!!

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