Undergraduate Audition Requirements

Theatre Arts Program (B.F.A.)

  • Pre-recorded Auditions from Acting, Musical Theatre (including Dance) and Technical Design applicants are being accepted to facilitate the application process. In-person auditions are by appointment as well.
  • Please submit the Form below with your pre-recorded Auditions as per the stated guidelines. Applicants are also encouraged to submit their resumes.
  • Please note that if you have auditioned in person for our Theatre faculty either on campus or at Unified Auditions, you do not need to submit a pre-recorded audition.

The Theatre Arts program leading to a Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) degree provides conservatory training to individuals interested in pursuing careers in the professional theatre including actors, dancers, singers, and technicians. The faculty will evaluate your ability to follow direction, your attitude and preparation, and your rehearsal.

  • Auditions may last up to 10 minutes. Potential students should submit an audition and/or expect to be involved in an interview process online if they have not auditioned in person.
  • Technical Theatre students will have their portfolio reviewed in place of an audition. A headshot and a professional resume can be submitted as well-either through the portal below or as an email to [email protected] requesting that it be added to your application. They are not, however, required items.

Here are the Audition Requirements for each Concentration which may be in person or online:

Prepare two monologues from the contemporary dramatic repertoire. These monologues should be memorized, approximately two minutes in duration, and should be an expression of the candidate’s best work.

Musical Theatre Concentration:

Prepare a three-part audition with (1) song, (2) dance and (3) monologue components.

  1. For the Song Audition: Prepare a full song, up-tempo or ballad, from the Broadway repertoire that best represents the candidate’s vocal range. Musical selection must be memorized.
  • Note: Please bring one copy of the song’s sheet music to the audition. If available, an accompanist will be provided for the audition. Please bring a portable music device with you in case there isn’t an available accompanist. All music should be clearly copied, hole-punched and presented in a three-ring binder. All cuts should be clearly marked. Remember to establish your tempo and review any specific musical interpretations with the accompanist prior to beginning your performance. Sheet music must be in the correct key signature for you. The accompanist will not transpose music at the audition.
  1. For the Dance Audition: All students applying for the Musical Theatre Concentration must include the following:
    • Introduction: A brief introduction stating your name, a description of any previous dance experience, what you hope to learn/gain/improve upon with your dance training and why you want to join the Musical Theatre program at Five Towns College.
    • Solo: Please provide a one-minute solo. This can be in any style of your choice with music of your choice that showcases your talents and personality.
  1. For the Monologue: Prepare one monologue-a 2-minute audition from a play that best represents your age, your passion, and your identification with the material. This should be from the contemporary dramatic repertoire. This monologue should be memorized and should be an expression of the candidate’s best work.

Theatre Technology Concentration:

 Prepare your Portfolio to be evaluated in one of these three ways:

1. Design/Tech Portfolio – Show us your best work and don’t sell yourself short. Be prepared to discuss what you show us.

        • Designers: show us examples of any of the following: realized and/or unrealized design work; sketches, or other artwork unrelated to theater; drafting (even non-theatrical drafting) and projects related to your chosen field (i.e. if you are interested in Costume Design, it would be great to show us an image of any clothing that you have made).
        • Technicians: show us examples of projects or shows you have worked on—shows, carpentry, electrics, props, costumes—whatever is appropriate; any drafting work you may have done or paperwork related to your projects.
        • Prepare your portfolio as a single PDF document, with each portfolio item properly labeled within the document.

2. Stage Management Paperwork – Please upload any prompt books or stage management paperwork related to your work. Prepare your paperwork as a single PDF document, with each item properly labeled within the document. Be prepared to discuss your experiences.

3. Position Paper – If you do not have documentation of your earlier work, a paper is a good alternative. Write about what you want to do in professional life and how you would like to employ your work at the College to advance these goals. Make sure your paper is grammatically correct. The length of this paper should be no longer than five (5) pages and should be submitted as a PDF file.