Please Note: this is an example of what the Theatre Division has offered during the 2023-24 Academic Year and will change each semester. However, Master Classes and Visits are always available so please contact us!

Dear Directors and Teachers of Theatre Arts:


You’re invited to join us for a special event on Friday morning, May 3, 2024 designed especially for high school students interested in Business, Film, Media Arts, Music, Mass Communication, Audio Production and, especially, the Theatre Arts!
In the FTC Performing Arts Center, the Director of the upcoming musical, Into the Woods, Prof. Mitchell Walker, also the Co-Head of Musical Theatre and Head of Vocal Production, together with several members of the cast and crew welcome you to a Behind the Curtain/Front of Stage event. This will be an extraordinary opportunity for individuals interested in the Entertainment Industry to see first-hand what is involved in orchestrating and producing a Main Stage theatrical performance, and to hear from the Director and actors in the show. The show is magnificent and all encompassing, and this event will enlighten your students and open their minds to career options they might love but have not considered.
Into the Woods is fun, uplifting, and will provide all with a respite from the stresses of our daily lives. We hope you will RSVP and we look forward to seeing you on campus!

Other Information:

    •  We recommend arriving by about 9:30 a.m. that day. In addition, if your students would like a tour of the College, we can set that up afterwards, if time permits.
    • If you are unable to bring your students to the College for this event but would still like to see the show, you can request a limited number of complimentary tickets to give to your students and their family members. It runs from Thursday, May 2- Saturday, May 4 @ 7:30pm and Sunday, May 5 @ 3pm.  Please contact me directly to assist with arrangements.
    • Finally, we would like to offer your students a Master Class in Acting taught by a member of our theatre faculty, in addition to either of the two options selected above.
Please complete the Invite for Educators and/or contact Dr. David Krasner, Chair of the Theatre Division, at or 631-656-2139 for more information.
At Five Towns College, we are proud of the outstanding theatre performances our students participate in during the year. These are students who graduated from many high schools like yours! RSVP soon!
Many thanks,
David Krasner, Ph.D.
Chair of Theatre Arts Division


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