By Amber Hubenschmidt

When the leaves outside start changing color and the air starts getting cooler, you know that football season has arrived. For Five Towns Student Activities Director, Ken Wiley, it is his favorite time of year. When living on campus at a college, it can be hard for one to keep up with their favorite shows or sports if they do not have a TV or cable available.

Ken realized this and wanted to make a change, “I have always been a fan of NFL, I’m a Dallas Cowboys fan, and I am always excited about watching the games. I figured why not combine my passion with the other students here who enjoy football too. Plus…who doesn’t love free wings.”

Five Towns Student’s Joseph Gucciardo, Milly Evans, and Kiara Ortega enjoying their free wings while watching the Washington Redskins VS the New Orleans Saints football game.

That is how Monday Night Football in the Downbeat was born. It starts at 8PM and goes until 11PM or until the football game is over. Football is not the only thing on though, there is another TV set up with baseball playing.

Plus, what would football be without wings? Buffalo Wild Wings is served at every Monday Night Football event, along with soda and a choice of carrots or celery. For student Joseph Gucciardo, wings are his favorite part, “I like watching the football and baseball games, but my favorite part of Monday Night Football is definitely the free wings.”

As the game went on, more student piled in to watch the football game. Students also came to watch the New York Yankees VS Boston Red Socks baseball game. Some students even came in sports gear to show support for their favorite teams. Monday Night Football can get intense sometimes, especially when rivals play against each other or a New York team is playing.

Five Towns College Student Activities Director, Ken Wiley with students Myles Cooper, Michael Houlihan, Juliette Kealey enjoying their free Buffalo Wild Wings.

There are different types of wings, from boneless honey BBQ to regular bone-in buffalo wings. Complimentary ranch and blue cheese comes with the wings for dipping.

If you are an NFL or baseball fan and did not know about Monday Night Football in the Downbeat, make sure to come by every Monday! If you are not a sports fan, that is okay too, you can still come and just enjoy free Buffalo Wild Wings. Regardless, everyone is welcome so make sure to check it out!