While December was filled with holiday excitement, music and shows, the winter break presented an opportunity to rejuvenate, regroup and rev up for a thriving spring semester here at Five Towns College.

The warmth and vibrant vibe experienced during the holiday season still lingers on campus where the college community is working arduously in anticipation of a great semester. It is important to ensure that students remain serious about their studies, yet, continue to enjoy the activities and events that make this campus unique.

December 2014 ended with the glorious sounds of the Five Towns College Concert Pops, Chorus, Choir and Chamber Orchestra; the FTC Broadway Bound performance singing music composed by Andrew Lloyd Weber was a campus hit, too.

Without a doubt, the start of the New Year will offer resounding artistic and creative opportunities for students once again. The college community is invited to attend the presentations, concerts and performances that showcase their talents.

Some of the more classic tribute bands will play at The Performing Arts Center stage. But, much more music making will be going on in the classrooms where students will progress in their instrumental skills and abilities. Concentrating on the diverse music business majors offered here as well as the theatre arts will undoubtedly keep Five Towns College students busy at work; but here sometimes the work is like play . . ..  J

Here’s to a great spring semester 2015!! Welcome back, everybody!!!

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