Looking For Somewhere Hot To Go During The Winter Season? Check Out These 3 Beaches In Puerto Rico. 


Crash Boat Beach (Photo: M.Vazquez)


By Manny Vazquez


Puerto Rico’s climate is ideal for fun in the sun if you are looking for a quick trip to a warm-weather destination during winter break. The island boasts some spectacular beaches to enjoy with friends and family.  And as someone who has family on the island and visits frequently, I hope you enjoy my favorite beach recommendations.


1. Crash Boat Beach

Crash Boat Beach (Photo: M.Vazquez)


Crash Boat is a popular beach in Aguadilla, and there are so many activities, from swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, and surfing during the winter months. 

A few feet from Crash Boat is El Natural, a famous diving spot with a huge reef full of marine activity. Crash Boat was originally built for use by the U.S. Military to rescue downed Airmen from Ramey Air Force Base. Crash Boat is also an ideal spot to watch and photograph sunsets. 

Marynell K. gave her review on Yelp and shared her thoughts on the experience at Crash Boat. “Despite being crowded, the beach is absolutely beautiful! There were food vendors. We had just eaten, but we definitely got some Pina Coladas.” confirms the popularity of the beach. “Due to the popularity of this beach, it fills up quickly, especially during the morning. If you’re coming from San Juan, I suggest planning the road trip early in the morning.”



My father, Manny Vazquez, Sr., from Richmond Hill, New York, recounted our 2022 family trip to Puerto Rico. “This summer, we went to Crash Boat, and we had a great time. The water was nice, the beach was nice, and the food was really good. And I was grateful enough to enjoy the time with my family.” 


Discover Puerto Rico highlights the ways you can experience Crash Boat and its nearby attractions. Full-day tours of west Puerto Rico are $215.53 per adult. You can also do an adventurous San Juan, Crash Boat Beach, Cabo Rojo, and Bio Bay Boat Ride for $159.95 per adult. A VIP services tour for up to 14 people will cost you $1,000. 



2. Flamenco Beach 

The Vazquez Family Enjoys Flamenco Beach (Photo: M. Vazquez)


Flamenco Beach is one of the world’s top beaches and is ideal for swimming, unwinding, and beach bumming. Flamenco Beach is the very reason visitors often choose to venture outside the mainland. The highly reviewed beach is waveless, making activities fun and safe. The water is about 1.5 miles long and is very clear. Full-day snorkeling tour to Culebra Island with lunch for $139.38 per person. The top sights in Flamenco Beach are Culebrita, Tamarindo Beach, and Playa Carlos Rosario. 

Stephen D. gives his thoughts on Flamenco Beach and talks about his experience on Yelp. “Wow. As an avid travel geek, I have seen my fair share of beaches in my life. None, however, compare to the sheer beauty that is Flamenco Beach!!”



Flamenco is also a Blue Flag-certified beach, meaning it passes stringent environmental, educational, safety, and accessibility criteria.  Travellers Worldwide says, “Flamenco is a Blue Flag-certified beach and the best beach for swimming and diving in Puerto Rico. Flamenco Beach offers a romantic landscape with green rolling hills, lush green tropical vegetation, and vibrant tropical bird species surrounding the spacious white sandy beach.”


Adam Rodriguez, from Brooklyn, New York, recalled his time at the beach and his fun experience. “This beach is awesome to be at, and I was here with my friends, nieces, and nephew. The view was good, and the activities were really fun.” 


3. Domes Beach

Domes Beach (Photo: Kerri Lee Smith)


Domes is located in Rincon between a white house and Puerto Rico’s inactive nuclear reactor. The beach has turquoise waters and golden sand and is an excellent spot for whale watching during the winter season. Though the beach is not a place for swimming, visitors can read and relax, watch surfing competitions, and take horseback riding tours. The area boasts hotels and vacation homes that people can rent to enjoy their stay at the beach. 

Darwin Reyes, from Brooklyn, New York,  loves this beach and his experience there. “The beach was really nice, and even though you can’t swim in it, the water was nice and clean. My family loves it, and I would honestly come back here someday.”

Travelers Worldwide talks about where the beach’s name came from and how it has bouncy waves year-round. “Named after an old dome-shaped nuclear power plant that sits behind the beach, Domes Beach in Rincon is one of the most popular surfing destinations in Puerto Rico. Although the beach has bouncy waves year-round, winter is still the best time to surf at Domes. Domes are also the home of the famous Corona Pro Surf Circuit, which attracts surfers from across the globe.”

For those interested in surf lessons, private beginner surf sessions start at $77 to register, though $84 special offers are sometimes available. Tickets for the Rincon Snorkeling tour are $55 per adult.




All  three beaches get great reviews and are perfect places to visit during the winter break or any time of year.  Whether you are on a family getaway or spring break with your friends, Puerto Rico beaches will not disappoint you.