Do you own vinyl records, or have you taken over your parents’ collection? If you plan on investing in vinyl, there is a lot to know. 


(Photo: S. Prout)


By Sebastian Prout


Why Should You Buy Vinyl 

Vinyl has become one of the most popular items to buy in the music world. Recent statistics have shown that vinyl purchases have gone up; yes, even breaking sales from 2020. According to The Tennessean, vinyl sales increased from 21.5 million units in 2020 way up to 41.7 million in 2021. While digital is still number one when it comes to music distribution, vinyl’s popularity is due to the quality of listening.


Importance Of Cleaning Your Vinyl 

Why is it so important to keep your vinyl records clean? Well, for one is the sound of the record, which can sound fuzzy or even skip when the record has imperfections. So when cleaning your vinyl, be on the lookout for fingerprints. Another problem is dust, which can damage the sound and alter how vinyl spins on the player. According to Billboard magazine, scratches on the record itself are serious. And one of the major reasons vinyl goes bad is when people put them in storage for a long time, causing them to play no longer.


Start Cleaning 

Vinyl owners need to learn how to take care of their vinyl correctly. Having a cleaning kit is a good start. Basic kits with a brush and solution can cost under $20 up to around $40. Professional cleaning kits can cost over $150. Cleaning supplies can be found on Amazon, Home Depot, and Lowes. Once you have your cleaning kit, you must carefully wipe down the vinyl. If you go too fast, you might cause even more marks or make it worse. 


(Photo: S. Prout)


Taking Care Of Vinyl For The Long Term

Vinyl is very delicate and needs to be treated with proper care as the years go on. If vinyl is not taken care of, it will only last a few years, depending on the level of imperfections. So, when taking care of vinyl, clean them once a week so they will play better on your player. Plus, your vinyl will appear nice and smooth. Overall, owning vinyl is fun and can have value depending on what vinyl you have in your collection and its condition.