What can I do with a Bachelor Degree in Mass Communication with a Concentration in Broadcasting?

Radio station’s “voice” with whom the public identifies; introduces programs and music, reads commercial copy and public service announcements, and is involved in the overall public presentation of the station.

Assignment Desk Editor
Keeps track of news events, sends crews to cover events, contacts the public, plans for future events and specials, and also reacts to breaking news.

Copy Writer
Writes commercial and promotional copy in support of the station’s sales, marketing & promotion efforts.

Music Director
Manage the station’s music library and works with the program director in selecting new recordings to be played as they are submitted by record companies.

News Director
Runs the news department, assigns stories to reporters, and is involved with identifying the important news issues within the community.

Production Crew
The technical personnel that work together in order to make the director’s vision come to life. Some of the key positions consist of camera operators, audio engineers, technical directors, lighting directors, etc…

Production Director
Assigns announcers, schedules studios, arranges recording sessions, produces commercials and directs programs.

Program Director
Responsible for the entire on-air product; governs the sound of the stations; controls over production, talent, work schedules and program schedules.

Promotion Director
Promote the station’s image, programs and activities; works closely with the program director to create on-air promotions and also with the sales department in securing new clients and maintaining current advertisers.

Radio Announcer
Responsible for creating, producing, and announcing topics over the radio, including entertaining programs, political commentary, news, interviews, weather, and other matters of interest.