Internship Opportunities

The Internship Program at Five Towns College is offered every semester. The internship class is taken the same semester as field hours for the internship.  Students receive 3 credits for each internship class, and are required to complete a minimum of 90 hours for the semester.  Students are also required to complete assignments and projects in an on-line class that focuses on an array of topics in career education.  The class also requires the students to fulfill paperwork and journals.

Internships with Top Companies

The list of companies that work with Five Towns College for internships is constantly growing. Here are some of the company opportunities we have:

  • Atlantic Records
  • Universal Records
  • Warner Music Group
  • MTV
  • FUSE
  • MSG
  • Clear Channel
  • Emmis Communications
  • Live Nation
  • Engeman Theatre
  • The Paramount
  • Gateway Theatre
  • CNN
  • NBC
  • ABC

Overview: Because authorized student internships are important for the development of employment skills, knowledge, attitudes and habits, Five Towns College has therefore established the following set of standards for its Student Internship Sites:

1.   The Internship Site must be an organization with the appropriate licenses and/or authorizations to operate.

2.   It is strongly recommended that an Internship Site if a for-profit or non-profit organization must have a Board of Directors with the appropriate Board officers.

3.   The Internship Site must be an organization that employs at least three full-time paid staff.

4.   The Internship Site must provide the student intern with a designated supervisor and that person must have the requisite skills, knowledge and dispositions to supervise the student intern on a regular basis. In addition, the designated supervisor must have an official company job title and job responsibilities.

5.   The Internship Site must be a physical setting specifically devoted to commercial, non-profit or public enterprises. It cannot be in a setting devoted to residential purposes, such as a private home, condominium, cooperative or apartment complex.

6.   The Internship Site must either obtain a letter of eligibility from the College stating that the student is earning course credits and that it can furnish documentation for its insurance, worker’s compensation and liability coverage.

7.   The Internship Site must have all the appropriate COs, permits and acceptable inspection reports to ensure the safety, security and welfare of the student intern.

8.   The Internship Site must provide the student with an orientation to its emergency procedures.

9.   The Internship Site must have written materials that it provides the College and the student intern describing its mission, goals and objectives as well as depicting its organizational structure and decision-making processes.

10.   The Internship Site, in cooperation with the Office of Career Services, must provide prior to the commencement of the internship a written list of clear, specific internship responsibilities and learning outcomes.

11.   The Internship Site must provide the student intern with a designated place or places to work.

12.   The Internship Site must provide the student intern with the appropriate equipment, supplies and furnishings to accomplish the internship responsibilities and achieve the intended learning outcomes. The equipment must be professional and fully operational. Adequate instruction must be provided to the student on the use and operation of this equipment.

13.   The Internship Site must require and maintain a date and time log of the student’s attendance. This date and time log must be regularly monitored by an authorized individual and signed by that authorized individual. Absences and latenesses of a repeated nature must be reported to the Office of Career Services.

14.   Prior authorization of an Internship Site does not ensure reauthorization as an Internship Site in the event that all of these terms and conditions are not satisfied.

15.   The Internship Site must with an organization conducting business for at least the three most current years.

16.   Any fees or financial obligations that a student intern might incur because of the internship assignment must be disclosed to the student in advance of the start of the internship.

17.   The specific days and hours the student intern will be reporting to the Internship Site must be provided in writing to the Office of Career Services.

18.   The Internship Site will agree in writing to ensuring the privacy rights of the student intern as they relate to the intern’s employment.

19.   The Internship Site must be approved by the Office of Career Services prior to the student intern commencing her/his duties.

20.   The Internship Site must provide the Office of Career Services with an official letter agreeing to the terms and conditions of the College’s internship program on official organizational letterhead along with the business cards of the supervisor and other appropriate personnel. The letter must indicate the agreed upon student intern’s responsibilities and learning outcomes.

21.   The Internship Site must complete all the required forms for the student by the completion of the semester in which the student is enrolled.

22.   The approved Internship Supervisor or the Director of Human Resources must sign the Five Towns College Articulation Agreement.