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A business management degree focuses on developing skills to support business professionals in management or leadership positions. With a focus on managerial support and advancement, individuals with a business management degree work in a variety of fields and industries.

Learn more about the variety of careers available with a bachelor’s degree in business management.

Business Management Degree Careers in Professional Services

The professional services field generally refers to occupations requiring professional licenses, like accountants, engineers, doctors, and lawyers. Additionally, professional services include consulting or advisory companies that provide business support, like financial, IT, or management services.

The following list shows common careers in professional services for individuals with a business management bachelor’s degree:

  • Operate all responsibilities within a banking environment such as a teller, financial advisor, or loan specialist.
  • Claims Representative. Investigate claims for an insurance company to determine coverage, liability and then negotiate fair settlements.
  • Investment Counselor. Assist clients with how to invest their money to best suite their own personal lifestyle.
  • Service Representative. Ensure that a company’s customers receive an adequate level of service or (Customer or Financial) help with their questions and concerns.

Business Management Degree Careers in Corporate or Small Business

Corporate or small businesses offer numerous career opportunities for graduates with a business management degree. Use business management skills to support people or operations in a wide variety of industries.

The below list shows common careers in corporate or small business for graduates with a business management degree.

  • Food Service Manager. Responsible for daily operations of restaurants/other establishments that prepare and serve meals/beverages ensuring that customers are satisfied with their dining experience.
  • General Management. Manage or assist with the management of any crew, department, or small business.
  • Human Resource Manager. Handle personnel decisions, including hiring, position assignment, training, benefits, and compensation for a large company.
  • International Business. Acquire meaningful share of a company’s resources and or revenues from countries outside of the parent location.
  • Office Manager. Perform administrative tasks to ensure that an office operates efficiently.
  • Retail Management. Handle higher level responsibilities in a retail store setting such as customer service, recovery, logistics, or managerial.

Business Management Degree Careers in Sales and Marketing

Business management graduates often pursue careers in a wide range of creative fields and occupations. Utilize your management skills and training to support teams of professionals in delivering creative services or products.

Learn about common careers in sales and marketing for business management graduates from the list below.

  • Advertising Manager. Develop, implement, and manage a company’s advertising strategy, from a business, sales, and technical perspective by initiating and managing discussion and sales with sponsor and agencies.
  • Business Manager. Handle all negotiations and financial responsibilities for signed artists or a small or large business.
  • Marketing Representative. Understand clients’ marketing objectives and require information that allows you to make appropriate placement recommendations.
  • Sales Representative. Interest wholesale and retail buyers and purchasing agents in merchandise and address clients’ questions and concerns.

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