Business Management Program

Bachelor’s Degree


Music management degree student listens to music while studying.The business management program leads to two business management degrees: the four-year Bachelor of Professional Studies degree (B.P.S.) and the Associate in Applied Science degree (A.A.S.). Concentrations are offered in audio recording technology, music business and business management. The program is intended for students planning to pursue careers as business management and marketing executives in the areas of record and music production, broadcasting, radio, television, theatre and communications or in traditional business fields. Many entertainment business degree students go on to work in music business management for well-known music and entertainment companies. The business management program is truly unique because it includes specialty areas such as banking, marketing, insurance, retail and real estate.

While the bulk of what you will learn will be taught inside the classroom, all business students are required to complete two, 90-hour internships. Five Towns College is a train ride away from New York City, home to some of the most renowned studios, music labels, radio stations, production companies and entertainment entities in the world. Past students have successfully completed internships at some of the top music, entertainment and media companies in the country; including SONY, MTV, Universal Music Group, HBO, MSG, Atlantic Records, Warner Music, CNN, KORG, FOX News and many other radio, television, film and music businesses.

After graduation, business students will be able to find employment as artist managers, business managers, marketing representatives, music licensing agents, promotional mangers, talent agents or sales representatives for businesses or music companies.

Business Management Concentration

The business management concentration includes a core curriculum of liberal arts and a broad spectrum of business courses. The emphasis of this degree program is on management, marketing and sales. The program provides challenging educational and internship experiences so you may develop a full awareness and understanding of business management.

Music business management classes can take place in an actual recording studio.

Audio Recording Technology Concentration

The audio recording technology concentration is designed to provide you with the business and technical expertise required to operate state-of-the-art audio recording equipment. You will study the theory of sound, recording electronics, engineering procedures, audio/video post-production and advanced mixing procedures in a sequence of courses designed to develop the skills required for this field. Learn more about the audio recording concentration

Music and audio technology industry infographic

Music Business Concentration

The music business concentration is designed to provide you with the necessary expertise within the music industry. As a student pursuing a music business degree, you will study the legal, production, music business management, marketing and merchandising aspects of this field. In addition, the music management degree will help you learn to problem solve and work effectively with others in the music business environment. Your music management degree will prepare you to pursue careers as an artist manager, concert promoter, music marketer and music publisher.