What can I do with a Bachelor Degree in Mass Communication with a Concentration in Journalism?

Assignment Editor
Keeps track of news, sends crews to cover events, contacts the public, plans for future events and specials, and also reacts to breaking news.

Reporter/Writer/Photographer/Editor for news and information sites, including those linked with ‘traditional’ media companies, but also new websites and even companies that sell equipment, non-profits, any group that has a lot of information to convey.

Broadcast Journalist
Research, investigate and present news and current affairs content for television, radio and the internet.

Copy Editor / Proofreader
Ensures that the material is clear, consistent, complete and credible, and that text is well written, grammatically correct and accessible.

Entertainment Reporter
A writer, investigator, or presenter of entertainment related news stories.

Freelance Journalist
Independent journalist who is a self-employed reporter/writer/ photographer with flexibility to work for one and/or more organizations.

Magazine Writer
Write articles and special interest stories or specific issues for a magazine.

Multi-Media Journalist
Gather information, write stories, make broadcasts and use social media to keep the public informed about current affairs and events that are happening in the world. They utilize a combination of mediums to tell the story.

News Anchor/Reporter
A presenter of the general news on TV.

Newspaper Writer
Write articles and present stories for a newspaper.

Someone who photographs, edits, and displays images in order to tell a visual story.

Public Relations/Publicity
Managing communication between an organization and its key public to build, manage and sustain its positive image.

Social Media Manager
Keeps up with a company’s social media feeds, introduces content, responds to online complaints, etc. Requires writing, photography, editing and sometimes research and videography skills. Might work closely with the company’s public relations department.

Sports Reporter
A writer, investigator, or presenter of sports related news stories.

Staff Writer
A writer hired to cover specific topics or material for an assigned period of time.

Web Content Manager
Web content managers ensure the content of a website is well structured and easy to find and that it meets the needs of its users by covering all necessary topics and being up to date and accurate.