What can I do with a Bachelor of Music Degree in Jazz Commercial Music With a Concentration in Performance?

Accompanist/Rehearsal Pianist
Play piano/keyboard for a choir, band, vocal lessons, musical theatre or artists

Background Vocalist
Sing supporting vocals to enhance a band or solo artist

Choir Director
Select music and rehearse various size vocal ensembles for public performance

Large Ensemble Member
Perform as a member of a professional ensemble; (i.e. The Atlantic Wind Symphony, the New York Philharmonic)

Musician/Vocalist for Religious Institutions
Perform on organ or in Praise bands in religious services and special occasions

Performing Artist
Tour/Record as a vocalist/instrumentalist in a variety of genres

Product Demonstrator
Hired to introduce/demonstrate new products at Industry Trade shows and in online videos

Session Musician
Hired by producers or songwriters to play/sing on recordings for commercial release

Theatre Musician
Perform as part of an ensemble that accompanies musical theatre productions

Soloist sings or plays as a featured performer in a variety of musical styles

Single Engagement Performer
Play/Sing for private functions including private parties and corporate events