First Up For November: Pep Rally 2018!

First Up For November: Pep Rally 2018!


November First 2018 was nothing less than normal @ Five Towns College. Last year, the Mascot Inauguration caused a hum around campus that reverberated again this year as the Sound Athletics Program 2018-19 Season began.

Congratulations to both the Men’s and Women’s Sound Basketball Teams for awesome wins against Webb Institute on Halloween eve! FTC Mass Communication Division rocked the scene and broadcast the Sound Live as they brought home two victories and made FTC proud!! FTC sends best wishes to its new Athletic Director Matt Guercio and Coaches Drzal and Peck! And, all are encouraged to follow the games in person or on YouTube or FB Live. The Sound teams appreciate the support.

This year’s Pep Rally was dedicated to FTC graduate, Tia LaBarbera, who passed away recently. We will always remember her joyous soul and lost her way too soon. Also, FTC acknowledged the loss of 11 Jewish members of the Tree of Life Synagogue in the horrible Pittsburgh massacre.  A somber moment of silence allowed all of us to reflect upon their lives.

Leading the program, FTC students Jay Troy and Star Fuentes didn’t miss a beat and kept the crowd-packed bleachers entertained for this truly fun Common Hour Pep Rally event. Got to say, the dance competition between Jay and Fader was quite the battle with the feathered mascot dominating the scene!!!  Sorry Jason!

Cheers to the FTC Dance Team, Freshman Showcase Band winner-One Way, DJ Stan K., the FTC Pops Band and Conductor/Professor Dean Karahalis, Singer Juliana Guerrieri, Residence Life and Student Activities staff and the entire #FaderNation gang!!!

And, let’s not forget the dawgs, churros, popcorn and some cool giveaways i.e. mini-birds, terrific towels, striped beanies and more!! It was a great day on campus and many thanks to all who helped to make the event successful!

#HearTheSound #FiveTownsSound #FaderNation

Here are some pictures from the event: