Keynote Speaker Erick Sermon of EPMD.
Keynote Speaker Erick Sermon of EPMD.

Five Towns College is celebrating 50 years of excellence in higher education this year as well as the 25th anniversary of its first Music Business Conference reported in 1998. Similarly, Hip-Hop is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. To commemorate both of these meaningful events, this year’s Music Entertainment Industry Studies (MEIS) Conference will focus on the expansive and popular growth of the music business related to Hip-Hop.

The Five Towns College Business Division is proud to announce that the MEIS Keynote Speaker is Erick Sermon of the famed Hip-Hop group EPMD.  Erick Sermon is a Multi-Platinum Producer, his solo songs have been in the Top 40, and he founded the group EPMD as a teenager growing up in Brentwood, Long Island. Erick has produced countless hit records for artists such as Redman, Method Man, Def Squad, Raekwon, LL Cool J, Beyonce, Jay Z, and many others. Known also as “The Green Eyed Bandit”, Five Towns College is thrilled that he will be on campus to share his experiences and amazing success stories with our students!

In addition, the FTC Business Division is pleased to boast that Keith Shocklee of Public Enemy will present and share relevant information as a member of the MEIS Hip-Hop panel. He, too, is an esteemed musician from Roosevelt, Long Island. FTC students will gain valuable insight from these awesome professionals and the day will be filled with non-stop educational opportunities.

Last, but not least, the MEIS Conference is hosting notable Hip-Hop artist Haas G of the group UMC’s on the panel.

The MEIS Conference begins at 9:00am and concludes at 3:00pm. It will offer a forum where information, success stories, and challenges in the industry will be shared. Networking opportunities are scheduled and an exciting and educational day for all is planned. To learn more about the Music Entertainment Industry Studies concentration at FTC, go here.