FTC Resident Assistants Win “Spirit Stick”
@ SUNY Stony Brook RA Conference


The RA Conference at SUNY Stony Brook offers enriching and educational networking and professional development opportunities for student leaders. In November, Five Towns College Resident Assistants experienced a very positive and rewarding experience at the Conference; the theme this year was “Resilience in the Upside Down.”

RAs learned about finding and evolving their RA identities through challenging life experiences. By learning how to be receptive to others, handle difficult situations, and collaborate with others, leaders become adept at helping to bring out the best in one another.

A highlight of the event is the awarding of the “Spirit Stick” to the RA staff that demonstrates the highest levels of engagement and participation during the conference. The recipient holds the “Spirit Stick” for a year until the next year’s conference when the next RA staff with the most spirt is identified and awarded this recognition. While we all know that our FTC RA Staff are top-notch, they proved to all those participating at the Conference that they deserved this award! The “Spirit Stick” has a new home this year . . . right here in Dix Hills J

Congratulations go to the FTC Resident Assistants who brought the “Sound of Five Towns College” to the Conference and took home the “Spirit Stick”, where it will remain for the next year – serving as a reminder and testament that leadership, pride, and positive energy are at the heart of our wonderful community!

According to Associate Dean of Students/Director of Residence Life, Tom O-Boyle, “Opportunities like this are important for our students’ personal growth and development. Our RAs have the chance to benchmark with other colleges to better understand how the policies and programs that we implement here are being coordinated on other campuses. The students who attended left with more confidence in their position. They expressed that Five Towns College is ahead of the game in areas with regards to programming and student connections. They had fun and would love to go again next year!”

Thanks again to all FTC RAs and the FTC Residence Life Office for making us all proud!!

Here’s a picture of the FTC Resident Assistants with Area Director Cheyenne Bascoe:

spirit stick

Top Row: Terrance Brathwaite, Jade Simmons, Kiara Ortega, Amber Hubenschmidt, Natalie Allouche, Davon Young
2nd Row: Billy Zangerle, Brittany McKittrick, Honesty Madden, Emma Reed, Kashawn Hernandez
3rd Row: Jon Arevalo, Sam D’Amico, Kyle Mulcahy
Bottom Row: Vincent Gonzalez, Area Director Cheyenne Bascoe, Imani Jenkins, Jay Troy