Private Event: Legendary Electric Bass Guitarist Victor Wooten Woos FTC

Private Event: Legendary Electric Bass Guitarist Victor Wooten Woos FTC

Private Event: Legendary Electric Bass Guitarist Victor Wooten Woos FTC


On February 9th, Electric Bass Legend and five-time Grammy Award Winning Musician, Victor Wooten conducted a private seminar at Five Towns College sponsored by Samson Technologies, Hartke Amplifiers and President Jack Knight.

Students, faculty and staff all eager to hear Victor Wooten play, share experiences, and give advice attended the exclusive event. Wooten kicked off the seminar by doing what he does best– wowing everyone on his electric bass guitar powered by a Hartke gear bass amplifier!

Wooten led the private event-for FTC only-by suggesting that students should be “Musically free.  .  . the world is waiting for you to claim it; you have your own speaking voice, do the same thing in music-reclaim your freedom in music.”

Later on, Wooten invited FTC Music Graduate student and bass guitarist, Jared Burnett, to join him on stage. Jared practiced the double thumb technique, while the audience listened to the wonderful music that filled the Upbeat Stage on this Saturday afternoon.

When asked about the experience, Burnett shared, “It was a humbling experience to say the least. Wooten was so wise not just in his music, but in his musical philosophy and outlook.”

Wooten encouraged students to ask questions throughout the event. When asked what advice he could give to college musicians he shared, “If you want to learn to play, play with other people. I saw play all day and practice a little bit. I ask all the young college students to play as much as possible since music is meant to be shared.”

A meet and greet session, at the end of the event, gave students the chance to take photos, shake hands, and have all sorts of memorabilia signed by this musical legend, Victor Wooten.

In a closing interview with Mass Communication students, Wooten shared, “Music is a language that needs to be shared, yeah you can sit and play by yourself the same way you can sit and talk by yourself, but it’s much more interesting, fun, educational and inspiring to talk to other people, and-to me- music is the same way.”

Special thanks to the Chair of the Jazz/Commercial Music Division, Dr. Jill Miller-Thorn, Director of Instrumental Music/Professor Dr. Steve Briody and to the sponsorship by Hartke who made this event possible!