FTC Mission & Black History Month: Delving Into Self-Study

FTC Mission & Black History Month: Delving Into Self-Study

FTC Mission & Black History Month: Delving Into Self-Study


During this past period of institutional self-study, the College’s constituents have had many moments to reflect inwards as its mission and purpose are assessed and reaffirmed. In doing so, close inspection of the College’s mission clearly aligns with what is deemed so important about Black History Month-respect for diversity and ethical values.

Black History Month a/k/a African American History Month was originally recognized in 1970 at Kent State University.  Six years later, President Gerald Ford more formally celebrated Black History Month at the United States Bicentennial. And, communities and educational institutions continue to acknowledge important contributions of black Americans to this day.

Here, at Five Towns College we continue to acknowledge Black History Month in several ways. In addition to an institutional mission that supports diversity, musical culture rich in jazz education and interesting educational initiatives are in place, too. Multi-cultural events, diversity forums, and panel discussions are just some examples of the ways that the institution respects diversity and ethical values.

One recurring event that the College has supported over the past several years is an initiative of one student leader, Imani Jenkins. She has spearheaded a collaborative project each February called, “Unity – the Movement Show”; working cooperatively with fellow students to produce an event that celebrates Black History Month.

U.N.I.T.Y. the Movement is an African-American cultural production showcasing an assortment of performances including musical performances by Arahmus Brown and Obasi Jackson along with a dance routine choreographed by Destini Fell, spoken word, comedy, a skit exploring a first-person perspective on police brutality, and to close, a tribute celebrating Afro-Latinos and the lives of Whitney Houston and Aretha Franklin. Although having a focal point on African-American culture, this event is open to all ethnicities and backgrounds.

This year, the 3rd annual UNITY: The Movement Show takes center stage at the Five Towns College Performing Arts Center on February 27th at 7 p.m.

We look forward to seeing everyone there!!