Studio B Gets Upgraded: Audio Department Elated!

Spring 2019 has been an exciting semester at FTC, especially for students concentrating in Audio Recording Technology. The latest equipment upgrade @ Five Towns College included a new API Console added to enhance Studio B!

This highly anticipated upgrade was celebrated in FTC high style with a Console unveiling and a ribbon cutting ceremony that many students, faculty and staff attended . . . and, there was cannoli cake, too! This upgrade now completes FTC’s advanced professional audio equipment list consisting of an SSL 9000J 72-channel Console, Neve Genesys Hybrid Console and MIDI/Non Linear Lab.

Five Towns College takes a hands-on approach to higher education that very few other institutions with audio recording technology programs can match. Students can choose to concentrate in Audio Recording Technology within three different academic programs -Business Management, Jazz/Commercial Music or Mass Communication. Here @ FTC, students can work on state-of-the-art equipment during their first semester and even have the opportunity to schedule their own studio time for academic and personal use!

Eric Donaldson, a Business Management student, was one of the first to book studio time in Studio B and test out the new API Console. He enthusiastically stated, “The Pre-amp is amazing which led to the quality of my drum recordings. I can’t wait to use it again!”

Since the company originated in 1968, API Consoles have been a favorite of broadcast applications and professional recording studios. Here are some specs found in FTC’s latest enhancement:

Studio B – API – 1608-II Specs

  • 32 – 548C single signal-path channel modules with Mic/Line and Direct Outputs
  • 8 – 550A Equalizers
  • 4 – 256C Stereo Returns
  • 24 – 500 Series Slots for additional API or VPR Alliance 500 Series signal processing modules
  • Complete Master Section
  • 32 – Channel Faders
  • Stereo Master Fader
  • 32 Input channels each with Mic Pre.
  • 8-Summing Busses
  • 8-Auxiliary Busses
  • 1-Stereo Bus
  • Switchable Metering
  • 1-API 529 500 series Stereo Compressor.

Kudos to Audio Recording Technology Chair John Machado and the entire Audio faculty who really hyped up the event! They regularly encourage students to be enthusiastic in their studies here and to do their best. The cake was awesome, the crowd excited, and we can wait to hear the music produced in Studio B!!


audio_department_elated_2        audio_department_elated_3