A Day At Comic Con in NYC

FTC Mass Comm student Fernando Gomez takes us along on his trek into New York City on October 8th to attend Comic Con.


Photo: Fernando Gomez


7:30 AM

Barely woke up on time, took a shower, and got into my cosplay. Shaved my beard down to a goatee for the finishing touch and put a jacket on over my cosplay so I don’t look too out of place on the train.  Booked it out of the house to make my 8:25 AM train, parked just as the train arrived, and just barely made it in as the train doors closed.


Photo: Fernando Gomez



Finally, I made it to Penn Station. It’s funny walking around in the crowds with a plastic katana sticking out of my backpack. I definitely received a couple of odd looks. But you can clearly see who’s going to Comic Con and who’s not.


10:45 AM

Entered the Javits Center. It’s overwhelming to see so many people dressed up in cosplay in one place. I’m going to head to the designated area to get some autographs and photos with some actors and famous people and then check out the main hall.


Photo: Fernando Gomez



11:30 AM

Waiting in line to meet Max Mittleman, Voice actor. Hopefully, it doesn’t take too long because the lines around me are all ridiculously long. Just around me, I can see lines for Steve Burns from Blues Clues, Tom Kennedy, the voice of SpongeBob SquarePants, and Sebastian Stan, who plays Bucky Barnes in the MCU (Marvel cinematic universe).


12:10 AM

Max had to leave, but he will be back in an hour. They gave me a ticket to skip to the front line when he returns. Going to wait in line to meet Chris Sabat in the meantime.


1 PM

I got to meet my favorite voice actor, Chris Sabat. I had him autograph a notebook for me and an art print he had for sale. I was so starstruck meeting him that I could barely get in a sentence. He complimented my cosplay as he recognized it as one of the characters he voices. All I could say was that it was an honor to meet him.


Photo: Fernando Gomez




1:30 PM

I was able to cut to the front of the line for Max Mittleman now that he has come back. Scored his autograph and also was able to get some selfies with him.  He was very charismatic, and we had a great conversation.


Photo: Fernando Gomez


2 PM

My good friend Christian finally made it to the Javits Center, so we met at the main entrance and did a lap around the main hall. While we were a walking meme, we decided to take some pictures and videos with some other cosplayers for TikTok.


Photo: Fernando Gomez


Photo: Fernando Gomez


 3 PM

After walking around for a while, we checked out the booths and considered buying some stuff. I ended up buying two Funko pop figurines, and after convincing my friend not to buy a $280 Lightsaber, he decided to buy a $50 wooden replica sword.


Photo: Fernando Gomez


5 PM

All the walking started getting to me, so I decided to get some food and sit down. While in line, we coincidentally ran into another friend, and she joined us for food and drinks.


Photo: Fernando Gomez

6 PM

After getting some overpriced chicken tenders and taking a little break, Christian and I continued doing laps around the main hall and looked at more booths and cosplayers for about an hour.


Photo: Fernando Gomez


7 PM

The main hall finally closed for the day, and we had enough walking around. We joined the mob of oddly dressed people leaving the convention center, headed back to Penn station, got on a train to Babylon, and went home.