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Bachelor of Music (Mus. B.) Degree


Five Towns College is proud to boast that it is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM).

The Performance bachelor’s degree program at Five Towns College leads to a Bachelor of Music (Mus.B.) Degree and is designed for students planning to pursue careers as educators, professional performers, composers, recording engineers, music business executives or producers. This program offers different concentrations, including Audio Recording Technology, Music Entertainment Industry Studies, Performance, Composition and Songwriting, which provide both a common core of technical studies and a foundation for specialized courses in the your major area of concentration.

An intensive schedule of ensemble workshops, coordinated with composition, arranging and repertory courses, enables you to perform, analyze and evaluate your work in professional-level laboratory sessions. Each concentration in our Performance program is taught by experienced educators and professional musicians.

Five Towns College is proud to support the professional and educational experience of its graduates in the Music Division. Read about the Graduate Music Studies Incentive (GMSI) for music graduates designed to encourage graduate study at the College with financial incentives here.

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Audio Recording Technology Concentration

The Audio Recording Technology Concentration is designed to provide music students with the business and technical expertise required to operate professional audio recording equipment. You will study the theory of sound, recording electronics, engineering procedures, audio/video post-production and advanced mixing procedures in a sequence of courses designed to develop the skills required for this field. Learn more about the Audio Recording concentration.
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Five Towns College music business concentration

Music Entertainment Industry Studies Concentration

The Music Entertainment Industry Studies Concentration is designed to provide students with the necessary expertise within the music industry. You will study the legal, production, commercial management, marketing and merchandising aspects of this field. You will be prepared to pursue careers as music artist managers, concert promoters, music marketers and music publishers.

Learn more about the MEIS Conferences here.

Five Towns College performance concentration

Performance Concentration

The Performance Concentration is designed for students planning to pursue music careers as professional performers. It provides a common core of technical studies and a foundation of specialized courses, such as music history, harmony, improvisation, ensemble performance and private instruction.

Composition and Songwriting Concentrations

The Composition and Songwriting Concentrations are designed to provide students with the professional training to pursue music careers as composers, arrangers and songwriters. You will receive intensive instruction in a core of technical studies that include courses, such as harmony, orchestration, counterpoint, MIDI, songwriting, keyboard techniques, form and analysis, commercial arranging and composition. These concentrations are distinct.

View the Composition concentration curriculum here.

View the Songwriting concentration curriculum here.

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Audition Requirements

Bachelor’s degree program candidates are required to perform two songs with contrasting styles. You will also be tested in the areas of sight reading, aural skills, pitch identification, rhythmic reading and tonal memory. Your audition is also used for scholarship purposes. Additional scholarships are available based on merit, community service and need. View the Music Audition Requirements here.

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