FTC Store On Campus

FTC Store On Campus

The FTC STORE on campus is located in the Downbeat.

It is a student run store and carries items such as Five Towns College branded apparel, every day essentials, toiletries, musicians’ gear and more.

You will find anything from T-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and hats to toothbrushes, guitar strings and even snacks and drinks.

The on-campus FTC STORE is not the typical bookstore; rather, it does carry very limited select books for certain classes. You will not find textbooks at the on-campus FTC STORE. Instead, to purchase textbooks, you need to go to the online FTC BOOKSTORE link available here.

For your convenience, the on-campus FTC Store runs on a credit/debit system and no cash is accepted.

The hours of the FTC Store on campus are currently: Tuesday and Thursday; 4pm-8pm

You can also check out our expanded online store at ftcgear.com You will not find the same items in the store that you will online. Many limited edition items are only available in the on-campus store.

Also, show some school spirit and give us a like on Facebook  and follow us on Instagram for store updates, new items, pop-up shop locations and store closings due to campus events.

Thank you for shopping at the FTC Store!


Please purchase all of your required textbooks at The FTC BOOKSTORE in order to secure the proper, adopted titles.

You may access the FTC BOOKSTORE with your email address to view the booklist.  Credit card information is not required until you are ready to purchase your selected books.