FTC Store

FTC Store

The FTC Store is located in the Downbeat, in the lower level of Symphony Hall. It is a student operated store that carries many FTC branded items that students may need such as musician’s gear, small electronics, audio accessories, sweatshirts, backpacks and more. The campus store is usually open during Common Hour, and Monday – Thursday from 4PM to 8PM.

Please purchase all of your required textbooks at the FTC Store in order to secure the proper, adopted titles.

NOTE:  You may access the FTC Store with your email address to view the booklist.  Credit card information is not required until you are ready to purchase your selected books.

The FTC Store doubles as a tech and an academic store. Students may elect to sell their textbooks back on-campus during the weeks of fall and spring finals. They may also sell their textbooks back at any time during the year to the FTC Store.