audio engineering during audio recording session

Are You Interested in Audio Recording Technology?

Pursue a career in audio recording technology with a degree in Jazz/Commercial Music (Mus. B), Business Management (B.B.A.), or Mass Communication (B.S.) with a concentration in audio recording technology. The audio recording technology concentration from Five Towns College provides students with the business and technical expertise required to operate state-of-the-art audio recording equipment.

These in-demand skills, expertise, and hands-on experience lead to several career paths in this growing industry. Learn more about the variety of careers, like music production and sound engineering, available with a concentration in audio recording technology.

Business Administration, Business Management, & Audio Recording Technology Careers

Get the business skills and technical expertise you need to pursue a career in business with an audio recording technology concentration in the Jazz/Commercial Music program.  The combination of this program and concentration gives students a hands-on-education and access to state-of-the-art audio recording equipment on campus. Music students with business and technical expertise go on to pursue a variety of careers in music and entertainment industry professions.

  • Live sound engineers. Control the sound at live performances and events, such as concerts, plays and festi
  • Studio engineers. Work with the technical aspects of recording, including sound manipulation, mixing, reproduction and more.
  • Audio format conversion specialists. Works to convert old media, such as 8 tracks or records, into new media, like CD and data.
  • Corporate audio and video professionals. Assist with the post-production work for multimedia companies.

Jazz/Commercial Music & Audio Recording Technology Careers

In Five Towns College’s Business program, students choose either a two-year Business Administration or Jazz/Commercial Music degree (A.S./A.A.S.) or a four-year Bachelor of Business Administration degree (B.B.A.). The addition of the audio recording technology concentration gives students the technical expertise to operate state-of-the-art audio recording equipment needed for audio technology careers.

  • Audio Professionals. Work for audio manufacturers and recording technology companies that make and engineer professional sound equipment.
  • Professional Audio Salespeople. Work for manufacturers or retailers to sell professional sound equipment to clients, other retailers and consumers.
  • Studio Owners. Manage the day-to-day operations of their studio, hiring additional staff, and coordinating the rental of studio space to clients.
  • Live sound engineers. Control the audio at live events, such as festivals and concerts.

Get the skills and training you need to pursue an audio recording technology career. Learn more about the Five Towns College programs offering an audio recording technology concentration.