FTC Alum Arahmus Brown Wins Contest to Perform at Great South Music Festival

FTC Reporter Jisela Hernandez recaps The Original Concept’s stage debut on the Clamshell Bandshell and FTC Reporter Fabian Savino chats with lead singer, Arahmus Brown.



By Jisela Hernandez

Day 3 at the Great South Bay Music Festival was filled with joy, dancing, food, and many great bands, including a live performance by Five Towns College alumnus, Arahmus Brown, and his band, The Original Concept. Brown sang several songs during his set, including one that he dedicated to the band and the hardships they have all faced. The Original Concept won a Battle of the Bands contest a few weeks prior to the Great South Bay Music Festival, which led them to take the stage today.


The audience enjoys Arahmus Brown’s band, The Social Concept.


The audience loved the way the band sounded, and there were even people singing along with them. A fan of the band named Jennifer said, “I loved every bit of the performance. They all have great energy and their vibes just make you want to dance like nobody’s watching!”

This electric band consists of Arahmus Brown (Lead Vocalist and Guitar), Willie Hatcher (Drummer), Michael Green (Keys), Matt Nicolino (Lead Guitar), and Robbie Prevete (Bass/MD). All the members of the band were students at Five Towns, and the band has been together since their days at the college.

Lead vocalist, Arahmus Brown said, “It’s our first time performing at the Great South Bay Music Festival, but we had a great time. My favorite part about performing live is the energy. I love the way it feels and I like the fact that I can share that same energy with the audience.”

A few of the songs they performed were Dragonball Durag, You Belong to Me, Naruto, and Ebony the Space Traveler. The band turned the festival into an unforgettable show.  Drummer Willie Hatcher said, “My favorite part about performing is the crowd interaction. People dancing and singing along to our songs is probably one of the best feelings ever. I enjoy that more than playing sometimes.”


The Original Concept


Overall, The Original Concept did a phenomenal job at the Great South Bay Music Festival. The crowd was filled with joy as everyone sang and danced around. Day 3 of the music festival was a success and there was a positive energy that flowed through the audience. Check out @the_original_concept on Instagram to see more content from this amazing band.