By Jeff Kramer with additional reporting by Rebecca Evangelist


On Monday, September 12th, a Silent Disco evening dance was held in the Downbeat Cafe.  But how can you have a dance party that is silent?  This new trend revolves around participants wearing headphones and listening to different songs.  The color of the person’s headphone light determines the song they are listening to and no one can hear the music that they are dancing to.

Take a look.



Marc Cadou, a Junior Film major, appreciated that he could select what color and song to listen to. “It’s definitely very unique I would say, and it’s super interesting because when you go to a party and you get tired of hearing the same songs over and over, it’s great to be able to listen to the music you want and be able to socialize with your peers. Who knows? This could be a technological advancement in the future.”


The Silent Disco is one of many events of WOW Weeks, which are the Weeks of Welcome that FTC is putting on for the start of the fall semester and beyond.  FTC Events Coordinator and alum, Natalie Allouche, helped to plan the event.  “It was a great event for the Wow Weeks series because everyone was able to let loose, have a good time, and listen to different genres of music while also connecting with each other.  Everyone was very adamant about the type of music they were listening to, telling people to switch.  And honestly, to bring the community together, it was a great event to start off the week.”


Ryan Fryer, a Freshman Mass Comm major, agreed that the Silent Disco was a fun way to become part of the FTC community. “I’ve never been to anything like it, obviously I’ve been to dances before, but nothing where you can switch between what you’re listening to at will.  I think it’s really unique that the school has never done something [like his] before. It’s a really great event.”



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