Andrew Wasserman
Class of 2012
B.P.S. Business Management/Music Business
Copyright Administration
Sony Music Entertainment

Andrew Wasserman graduated from Five Towns College in 2012 with a B.P.S. in Business Management. Andrew is presently working at Sony Music Entertainment in the Copyright Administration Department where he has been for the past six years.

Andrew transferred to Five Towns College in January 2010 because the music business courses were better aligned with his career goals. Professor O’Rourke and the rest of the Careers Services Center helped him get two great internships while at FTC – one at JVC Broadcasting in their Marketing and Promotions Department and another at Alternative Distribution Alliance, a division of Warner Music Group, in the Label Development Department.

After graduating from Five Towns College Andrew worked at VEVO in their Sales Department, before landing his current position at Sony Music Entertainment. His primary responsibility is to clear the publishing for songs that are on CD, LP and digital releases by Legacy Recordings utilizing the Harry Fox Agency Databases, the U.S. performing rights organization databases and contacting publishers/songwriters to confirm their publishing splits.