What can I do with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Interactive Computer Graphics/Interactive Media Arts?

2D Matte Painter
Create visual elements used for backgrounds within the television and film industry.

3D Animation Generalist
Work as a 3D Animator using diverse capabilities in modeling, rigging, texturing, shading, scripting, tracking, and compositing.

3D Character Animation
Create 3D character animation using Modeling, Rigging, and Animation of bi-ped figures for Television, Film, Gamming, and Virtual & Augmented Reality.

Creative Director
Oversee all aspects of the creative production process from defining creative vision and client pitches, to the final delivery.

Digital Fabrication
Work as an Industrial Designer using 2D and 3D CAD computer aided design software for subtractive and additive manufacturing.

Game Designer
Work as a Game Designer using gaming assets to include, level design, character creation, environmental elements, game logic coding.

Motion Graphic Artist
Working in the Media and Entertainment industries, create motion graphics such as on-air graphics for sporting events, openings to film and television shows, and live entertainment venues.

UI/UX User Interface, User Experience Designer
Work as a UI/UX Designer to create website, mobile, desktop Apps, gaming, screen design, graphic design, coding, and information architecture.

Visual Effects for Television/Film
Create photorealistic visual elements to be integrated into live action video for the television and film industry.

VR/AR Virtual and Augmented Reality Designer

Create interactive content in the fast-past emerging technologies industry. Skills include UI/UX, 2D illustration, 3D animation, information architecture, gaming logic coding.