Fall 2019: How Will You Focus, Thrive & Create @ FTC?


Welcome to the start of the Fall 2019 academic year! Long awaited and something most have been working towards since starting high school. College is exciting in many ways. On the social front, it offers young adults many opportunities to grow, mature, connect, make new friends and engage in new activities. On the academic side, one should pay attention- not just in class but also to industry related events, speakers and to trying to learn as much as possible to bridge knowledge into practice.

Here, students get hands-on exposure to the equipment and tools that will further develop their craft. They are encouraged to further their passions while progressing along an academic path to becoming accomplished professionals. So, take your academics seriously . . . remember this is the main reason for attending college and try to keep a balanced personal life, too.

@ FTC, students can integrate programs with industry standard technology and interesting coursework. Whether it be business, audio, computer graphics, filmmaking, jazz/commercial music, mass communication i.e. broadcasting, journalism or radio and TV production, music teacher education, and/or theatre arts, professional interdisciplinary collaboration is key to making it in the real world.

Take the many opportunities that abound on campus and work hard to focus on you. Now is the time to thrive amongst your peers and faculty while experimenting with the myriad of options that will be your framework for the next few years.

Create your future @ FTC!