FTC Broadcast Journalism Students : On Location at News 12 Long Island

FTC Broadcast Journalism Students:
On Location at News 12 Long Island

News12 Long Island

(left-right: Samantha Lagnese, Prof. Campbell, Mike Scudiero, Amanda Cary)

On Wednesday, October 11, 2017, FTC Professor and News 12 Anchor, Danielle Campbell and Mass Communication Chair, Tom Calandrillo led a group of Mass Communication students on a trip to the News 12 Long Island Studio located in Woodbury, NY.

According to Mass Communication student, Amanda Cary, “Students went into the studio while filming was taking place to see how a real newsroom works. After seeing a few takes of the show, they were whisked away into the Control Room to learn what goes on behind the scenes during a live TV news broadcast. In the Control Room, there are several screens that show not only the newsroom but also shows the Reporters out in the field, who are waiting for the cue to go on the air to report their stories, and show the scene.”

It was a pretty awesome experience for these Five Towns College students and Professor Campbell gave them a tour of the entire news station, proudly displaying to her students what happens in real life. Amanda Cary reported that, “All of the News 12 employees were happy to explain what it is they were doing, how the equipment works, and how everything is broadcasted. Seeing everyone at work makes you realize that without every department working together as a team the station wouldn’t be able to function.”

And, so, it was a great experience for all of the students! Much appreciation and thanks go out to Professor Campbell and News 12 for the invitation and for sharing an insider’s view into what goes on professionally in the Broadcasting world. And, of course, many thanks to Professor Calandrillo for spearheading the initiative.☺

Great day!! Thank you!