FTC SOUND Women’s & Men’s Basketball Teams Beat King’s College!

FTC SOUND Women’s & Men’s Basketball Teams Beat King’s College!

FTC SOUND Women’s & Men’s Basketball Teams  Beat King’s College! 


Sat. Dec. 2, 2017 was no ordinary day on campus. In fact, it was no ordinary day in the Sound Gym. This is where the Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams were busy racking up points against its opposition from King’s College all day long.

A quick recap is that both teams played phenomenally even though the competition was royal☺ The Men’s team led by Coach Mateyko and Assistant Coach Drizal literally blasted through to score 102 points (102-73 final score) as the King’s College Men’s team struggled to stay defensive. Though the Monarchs may be said to be rulers, the undeniable truth is that the Sound played like “music to one’s ears” and displayed a masterful performance against them. Rumor has it that Fader, the FTC feathered mascot, made an unexpected appearance early in the day to add some FTC spirit into the day’s blissful events.

Next up, the Sound Women’s game was historical! It was a very serious and well-fought victory that went into a five-minute overtime until the Sound reached a 51-50 final score lead. It was so close and the Sound Women were, actually, only playing with three players towards the end. Hats off to players Deanna Probst, Sara Halversen and Kiara Ortega for holding the team together then! No doubt Coach Ronnie Peck and Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach MarceAnn Dunning are beaming with glory as their team just played amazingly.

To the whole Women’s roster there: Way to go!!

FTC supported both teams all afternoon in person and on FB-where the games continue to be broadcasted. The Mass Communication Division students are honing their skills working the technology, including cameras, radio station and TV gear, conducting important interviews, and sharing the Sound Gym’s activities in live form all day long.

Big CONGRATULATIONS to both Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams, their Coaches, the Mass Communications Division, and thank you to all who attended and made the day SPECTACULAR!!


Here are some pictures from this memorable day: