Remembering FTC’s Legacy: Lorraine Kleinman Cohen


This week, every year, members of the Five Towns College community are reminded of the legacy of Lorraine Kleinman Cohen. Even her husband, Dr. Stanley Cohen, has called her the inspiration for the genesis of this small niche college. As we wallow in the emptiness left by her after 11 years, acknowledging her impact as a teacher, educator and pioneer in the world of higher education renews her spirit and gives meaning to the things we do here at Five Towns College.

The mission & raison d’etre of Five Towns College did not spring out of nowhere. It originated in the heart & soul of one fine woman-someone who many said really had it all in her lifetime; perhaps, she did. We were inspired to be like her, wise like her, gentle & witty like her. But one of her most endearing qualities turns out was especially rare . . . she exuded a warmth and congeniality that is not felt so often. This is a unique feeling that is authentic; it relates and creates a distinctive bond between individuals.

So, as members of the FTC community move around campus educating, collaborating, and delving deep into curriculum and learning outcomes, let’s try to emulate one of our founders. Let’s try to relate authentically with one another and continue to create an environment that is warm & comfortable for all. And, let’s remember the heart & soul of Lorraine Kleinman Cohen. In the world of higher education, we are privileged to walk the same hallways as this inspirational leader. Let’s remain thankful that she touched our lives & left us a legacy to really be proud of . . . complete with residence halls!!

 Lessons to live by: Be authentic! Be caring! Be thankful! Be humorous!